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About Charlie Box

Self-care @ work

Charlie Box was born out of a need and passion for a curated, custom product to help leaders develop at all levels at scale and affordability.  After being in corporate learning and teaching MBAs in finance at a top-ranked business school, I always wished I could do more to customize development for each person and had such little time!  With so many products and services able to custom our tastes and interests, I wanted to be able to design and develop a curated experience with intention, speed, scale and purpose......for everyone.  

The mission for the Charlie Box is to teach professional development with the best resources, using the most up-to-date learning methods, and in ways that complement individual learning styles in order to be good and do good in business.  Our methods, products and memberships allow a personalized experience that creates individual learning journeys to build routines for impact and change.  We believe that individual impact makes a global difference.  

What's up with the name? 

My best business ideas come with my oldest daughter who is brilliant, beautiful and the best at telling me if a product or service is not simple enough to sell.  And she is right almost every time.  After a long night of dreaming, Charlie Box, was the name we came up with.  We liked it because it was inclusive of both genders and the definition of 'Charlie’ means freedom.  Plus it was born with lots of love and laughter, what a great foundation. 

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